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Shasii Group finds great pleasure in playing an important role of helping people to extend their game late into the night and to be able to enjoy their favorite sport much longer. Our extensive knowledge about LED sport lighting systems helps us to deal with the unique requirements for each sports venue.

Shasii Group is your affordable LED sports lighting contractor, having vast experience in designing and developing innovative LED lighting systems, we offer the highest quality LED products, services and solutions.

Whether you are lighting a city park, multisport complex, youth league field, cricket field, handball, basketball, tennis courts & football stadium, or either collegiate or professional venue, Shasii Group brings your game to the LIGHT!

The Shasii Distinction

Because we offer longest lifespan warranty of 8-10 years in the market, are cost-efficient without compromising quality, we offer incredibly high energy efficiency and extremely low levels of glare without conceding on light uniformity, LED module lighting is now the preferred choice for sports clubs and various sporting venues looking to improvise and modernize their sports lighting system.

Extracting the peak performance out of a LED sports lighting system requires specialist expertise. That’s why we pride ourselves in offering an unparalleled level of engineering prowess when it comes to LED sports lighting services and solutions.

What We Offer

Innovative product technology

Our LED luminaires use cutting edge technology to deliver unbeatable performance and exceptional energy efficiency. We offer our luminaires using the top tier Led chip brands like Philips, Samsung and Cree. All LED luminaires drivers are only sourced from leading brands like Meanwell, Inventronics and Sosan.

Extensive experience

A host of successful completed projects locally and internationally has given us in-depth understanding and knowledge on different sporting venues and environmental conditions.

Professional designs

All our lighting designs are created and issued to internationally recognized sporting standards or as per client specifications and requirements.

Light Management System

Design and planning of sports lighting systems involve several factors that need to be considered to ensure that the required standards for the particular sport are meet. We at Shasii being a professional sports lighting contractor ensure that certain key aspect are considered when designing and planning sports lighting systems.

Lux requirement

The lux and type of lighting required vary depending on the type of sport, level of competition, and size of the playing field. The lighting should be bright enough to provide clear visibility for players, officials, spectators and TV broadcasting.

Beam angle

The Beam angle of the luminaires is important to ensure that there are no shadows, glare, or dark spots on the playing field. Proper lighting angles ensure that players can see the ball or puck and anticipate its movement. We offer our luminaires in both symmetric and asymmetric modulations.

Light pole

The positioning and height of the light poles should be planned to ensure that the light is distributed evenly across the playing field. The poles should be placed at an appropriate distance from the field to prevent obstruction of views for spectators.

Color temperature

The color temperature of sports lights should be around 5000-6000K, which is similar to daylight. This color temperature provides better color rendering and improved visibility.

Our Top-tier LED Sports Lighting Range

FL 2.5 Series

Our flagship model FL 2.5 purpose build for small and medium size venues, the FL 2.5 series minimize weight and cost while delivering top-tier performance.

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FL 05 Series

A new generation of product, light weight, small size, small wind resistance, high brightness, wide illumination range and adjustable beam angle. Suitable for outdoor large sporting venues such as stadium, docks and airports.

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Apollo Series

A revolutionary floodlight, the Rolls Royce of sports lighting with unrivaled performance, in efficiency and light quality. The high-performance LED floodlight Apollo series set records in terms of performance with up to 220KLM. With a TLCI value and CRI 90, realistic color rendering is guaranteed for broadcasters this means minimal post-processing effort.

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A dependable and credible comrade to leading sporting organizations, schools and developers

We are proud to be a trusted partner to organizations including.

  • Sharjah Sports Council
  • Dubai Sports Council
  • GEMS Education
  • Al Habtoor Tennis Challenge
  • Hargeisa Football Stadium – Somaliland
  • Fursan Hispania Sports Academy

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